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Like most up-to-date online marketers, you've been blogging - and probably working hard at it too, right? But you're not making a lot of money from your blog, are you? So it won't come as a surprise when I tell you that most people either do poorly or totally fail when they try to make money blogging!

The PowerStart Marketing Guide To Sidebar Blog Monetization by world-famous marketing mentor Doug Champigny

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As an Internet marketing mentor and affiliate marketing coach, I see the difficulties people have trying to monetize a blog - but as a blogger, podcaster and vlogger whose been blogging since 2004 and currently authors 10 blogs, I know it's not rocket science - it's probably just that no one has given you the straight goods on how to make money blogging - until now that is!

Recognizing that so many people are having trouble with something that shouldn't be so difficult, I've gone over my blogs with an eye to the most valuable advertising space on my blogs - the sidebars. And I've detailed each of the 7 or 8 strategies and resources I use on them, from custom text ads to embedded videos, with illustrations of each so you'll see exactly what I mean...

So you're about to discover EXACTLY how I use my blogs to sell my own products and help maintain my super-affiliate status - and how you can use the exact same tactics on YOUR blogs! Originally I was writing this just for my PowerStart Marketing Internet Marketing & Affiliate Marketing coaching students, but I've decided to share the wealth - with millions of blogs out there not earning any money, a report like this one is long overdue... But be forewarned: I may not stay in so generous a mood for long. This is an extremely valuable report and I reserve the right to pull this offer and replace it with a salespage at any time without notice!

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